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Hey, hey, heeeeey!


I notice that I made you somehow curious if you're here in a hurry on this page to find out a few words about me. A good thing, because I also want to give you a few words about my existence.




In other words, my first impact with this civilization was... haha hahaha... at a time when the famous Sun was smiling and enjoying the simplicity of select gossip with the mysterious Moon. Yeah, at that time they seemed more "close". 🙂


So, I saw the light of day in the early '80s in the wonderful and the multicultural Lugoj, the one located on the sides of the Timiș - river that enriched my soul with longing for the magical liquid of life - water. He was also the "muse" of my bachelor's thesis, through which I enthusiastically graduated from the Faculty of Geography at the West University of Timișoara.


If in the first part of my life I floated in the wind without any precise direction, like a ship without sails and anchor that chaotically crosses the infinite seas, later in adolescence, I followed the same "safe" path experiencing some "short" jobs that they somehow facilitated my existence but did not offer the freedom so dear to my soul...


Despre Magic me Liviu Tudose



And then what !?


And then I fell in love! I got married and a boy and a girl appeared in my life, which helped me to have a different perspective on life. All this time my wife and I started a family business in the field of tourism for the first time and later an international online network business.




Eeeeh, come on, after all this, I'm still a young-hope. But I admit, when you are caught in the whirlwind of life you hardly have time to think about the small joys of your soul.


But I thought! I thought about my childhood, the first pen I received as a Christmas present, or „the black-and-white picture-taking machine” from the same period. I remembered how good I was when I was writing or taking pictures. And I promised myself that no matter what the situation, I would not give up the things that bring me fulfillment and freedom. You reach perfection when you make the decision to follow your dream!


In the years that will come...


I will be here because I want to bring a ray of light into the lives of those who are looking for a good thought that can delight their senses: looking through photography, hearing through "short thoughts about life", the soul through immortal stories, and even the financial part through online international business. They all share the same enthusiasm, because everything I do, I do with love.


"The most beautiful years are the years that will come", and I will be here for those who are looking for a direction... I will be here...


With sincere thoughts,


I live with great intensity and satisfaction the moment when after many years of work I managed to see my dream come true. Now, "my literary masterpiece" inspires and delights billions of souls!

THE SURVIVAL OF A CIVILIZATION. THE RING OF FIRE - Liviu C Tudose - www.liviutudose.ro
More details on the official page of the book - The survival of a civilization. The Ring of Fire
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