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Writer ~ Vlogger ~ Photo ~ Businessman

„another human being with different preoccupations”


The rediscovered desire after years and years...

When I rediscover my old passion, and now the time is on my side, I declare myself fulfilled professionally. It's great, that in life, to do what you really like, in my case, to put on paper letters that tell their story with love, delighting both playful eyes and warm souls...


A recent passion with short "thoughts about life".

It's always good to learn and experience new things, regardless of age. That's how I play now, “filming thoughts” that leave their mark on our daily lives, giving us deep feelings and reminding us at the same time that we must stop our daily routine for one moment to feed our inner being. It's funny!

Memories maker

Colorful and enchanting images

Yes, this artistic part does not give me peace! And I'm very happy! And photography merged with my own life when I came into the possession of a "memory maker", who turned without hesitation into my favorite game. A game willing to delight my eyes with landscapes and colors that delight my soul giving rise to strong emotions ...


”Be the compass that shows your way to SUCCESS...”

I have a great feeling when I meet new people, when I make dear friends. But it's even more wonderful when we make a strong team together. I am happy that I can help them see the world from a different perspective, calmer, healthier, much happier. It's beautiful, especially since we live in times when socialization is in high demand.

Liviu Tudose

Writer ~ Vlogger ~ Photo ~ Businessman