Passionate writer

LIVIU C TUDOSE ~ Passionate writer

I still write a wonderful book!

I hope that in the shortest time I can add here my first “masterpiece of art”…

After so long time, I had found the answer to the question "Why were you born?", only now at thirty (plus) springs (inventoried in the year two thousand and twenty)! And I decided to do this for the rest of my life...


But it wasn't that simple. First, you have to fight to discover the things that fulfill your soul, and then to find the time that will give you the freedom to take care of them as you wish.


For me, the writing part, although I knew it existed there, somewhere, I hardly realized that IT IS "that thing". And here I am! I experience a pleasant, fulfilling feeling when I am aware that I can easily invent new things without being called a liar, giving them meaning with the help of inspiration:


"And when I spilled the ink on the sheets, I sprinkled, twisted letters that left from my heart ..."

That's why I strongly believe I'm a writer!

With chosen consideration,
Liviu C Tudose ~ passionate writer